Here's What We Do Better

One On One
Join others on their fitness journey in fun and challenging workouts designed to change your body. This setting provides the support,and encouragement in a noncompetitive and FUN environment.
This program is designed to provide the support, the tools and encouragement that is necessary to achieve your weight loss goals through a friendly and non-competitive atmosphere.
This program educations clients struggling with body image issues to change negative self talk and limiting beliefs that stand in the way of being your best self. We will work together to develop body acceptance and foster a positive emotional connection with your body
When a customized meal plan is created, it can elimitate guess work when it comes to what to eat, teach you what plan works for YOUR unique body and needs, and arm you with the tools to make successful and lasting changes to your diet.
Bikini / Figure Competition Coaching
Darlene specializes in building bodies that perform as well as they look. She has studied and trained with some of the best coaches in the busines to deveolp a style that both nurtures and pushes you farther than you thought you could go. If you're seeking a competition ready body, Darlene has a program just for that. Darlene is one of the most highly respected personal trainers for competitive coaching.