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All my life I have thought of myself as an athlete, playing basketball in high school, running track in college and staying active as an adult playing tennis regularly. Like many of us lucky enough to have good genes, I spent my early adulthood eating whatever I wanted and exercising when it suited me. And then the 30’s hit and I realized that what I had been doing was no longer going to work for me. I needed to rekindle my love affair with exercise and, for the first time, get serious about changing the way I ate. That is when I discovered metabolic conditioning: a lifestyle change that focused on efficient exercise, smart nutrition managing stress and balancing hormones and I got into the best shape of my life.

I also have a Master’s degree in clinical social work and I specialize in eating disorders and body image issues. When working with clients, I focused on what the body can do instead of what the body looks like. I wanted to figure out a way to marry this line of work with my passion for fitness and Project ME with Darlene was born. My goal in working with clients is to share what I learned and experienced in an
effort to help improve themselves from the inside out. The best part of my job is seeing people’s confidence grow in the gym and watching that confidence spread to other areas of their lives.

Project Me With Darlene has give me a vehicle to use the things about which I am passionate to help others improve their health and lifestyle and live their best lives.

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    One on OneSmall GroupBody Image CoachingBikini / Figure Competition CoachingNutritional Counseling & Building Meal Plans

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    AFFA Certified personal trainer

    Precision Nurtirion level 1 Certified nutrition coach

    Sportsmetrics Certified Instructor

    TRX Suspension Training Certified  Instructor



    BA Socioolgy, Washtington State University

    Master of Social Work, University of Cincinnati

    Licensed social worker


    2017 NGA Ciincinnati Natural

    1st place Open Figure Class D

    2nd place Figure Masters Over 40

    3rd place Figure Pure Novice


    2017 Kentukcy Derby Festival

    1st place  Figure Novice  Class D

    2nd place Figure Open Class F

    3rd place Figure Masters 40+ Class C